4 things that piss me off about flights

terça-feira, 11 de abril de 2017

 Living away from home it's hard and one thing that makes it even harder are the flight you have to take to get from one place to the other. Don't get me wrong: flights can be nice but, in most cases, they are not. I have to say that I only travel low cost so that might be the reason why I hate it so much. One way or the other here are my top 4 reason why I hate to flight:

1. Lack of space
Just so you know, i am writing this on a airplane. Sitting by my side I've got this huge guy (he is at least 2 meters and he is quite large too). This guy is taking half of my space. My neck hurts man. I want to move!!  Yep, it's not gonna happen.

2. The wait
The wait to get in, the wait to get out, the wait while you go through security, the time they make you wait before they start embarking the plain. I get it, it's not a car, they are things they need to make sure are working bla bla (I know you also need to make sure things are working in a car but you get what I mean) do you really have to start embarking(for example) when the plain is not even there? Do I really have to stand in this hot/cold corridor while they sort all they have to sort out? If I have to wait can I wait in a comfortable place??

3. Land hostess
I don't know if you call them this. I am talking about the lady's and gentleman's that check your ticket and passport before you get in the plane. They also check the size of your bag and seem to enjoy it every time they spot a bag that looks slightly bigger than it should be! They then proceed to make you fit said bag in those 'testers' in front of everyone even though they already know the bag is not gonna fit! Finally they say: your bag does not fit the hand luggage criteria you have to pay 50 euros so we can send it to the cargo hold (just to let you know they say that with a smile - yes they love it). Once again; I kind of understand the point- they do provide us with the sizes of luggage aloud on the airplane, but do you have to be a b*tch about it?

4. Human nature
So this, I know happens mostly on low cost flights; when only a few amounts of bags are allowed as hand luggage and the rest of them has to be sent to the cargo hold which means when you get to your destination you will have to wait longer to get out of there.
What happens then? As soon as the flight number is called everyone just acts like a savage and proceeds to run over anyone that might get in there way. The aim is to get there first no matter what. Once again I get it: no one wants to wait longer than what they have to but do you really have to act like that? What about your manners? 

What about you? What do you hate more about flight/airplanes? 

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