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quarta-feira, 21 de junho de 2017

Life Post Amesterdam

sexta-feira, 16 de junho de 2017

2 weekends ago i was in AMESTERDAM and i must say that coming back to reality hasn't been easy this time. I miss the hot days (we had a 33 degree kind of day on Sunday), i miss sitting by the canals, i miss the freedom you can feel in every corner of the city, the history, i miss... I kind of feel like i am unable to function after this trip. Days at work seem to drag (12 hours feel like years). I feel numb and i am starting to think that is less because i miss Amesterdam, and more the fact that i don't like where my life is at this moment.
But enough of being dramatic (drama queen is my title - i have blue blood) and let's get back on the horse peeps!

When kids start calling you ma'am/lady

quarta-feira, 14 de junho de 2017

The other day (like a month ago-when i was back home) my mom told me to get my sister from school. Being very punctual i got there 15 mins before time and had time to observe what kids are up to these days (no changes there - kids are still kids; boys still think they hate girls; girls still try to act cool ignoring the boys)
While doing this i heard someone calling from the other side of the fence: hey lady! Ma'am! Can you please pass the football? It's under your car!
Was he really talking to me? I mean he is looking in my direction... so it must be me! I have to say i felt almost offended! Why ia a kid calling me lady? Just the other day i was on that side of the fence! Pretending I didn't care about boys. And then it hits you: Just the other day was 8 years ago! You are not 18 anymore lady! You are 25 nearly 26 - you are a lady indeed! 
Where is the time going?
Ps: I didn't give him his football back. I ignored him-I don't like people that make me feel old! (I know I am going to hell)
Ps2: That is not actually me; well it is - Snapchat filter!
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