The 5 most photogenic places in Lisbon

quinta-feira, 16 de março de 2017

Ok, it might be slightly embarrassing (being 25 and being you know... Portuguese) but i had never visit Lisbon properly until last weekend. For someone who lived most of her life in the North of Portugal (and i am not saying Porto i am talking about the "real North" the "we are so far North that i don't even know if this is Portugal anymore!") going to Lisbon only occurs if you are going on a school trip or if you want to attend a concert. This is not because we dislike it, it's just that it takes forever to get there on a train (for example) and it is super expensive! 
Anyway, now that i don't even live in Portugal anymore i decided that i wanted to spend my first weekend away of the year in Lisbon. And so i did, and i took pictures (you know i did) and here are the 5 most photogenic places in Lisbon (i have seen so far) and in my opinion of course (they also happen to be touristic places so if you ever visit feel free to use this as a mini guide!)

 View from de Castelo de S. Jorge

Terreiro do Paço or Praça do Comercio (and me)

Sé de Lisboa (in the back) and Eléctrico (tram)

Feel free to click the links bellow the photos and find out more about this beautiful places!

Disclaimer: all pictures where taken and edited on a Iphone 6.

6 comentários :

  1. Sem dúvida que são locais lindíssimos!!!

  2. Adorei as dicas, e os locais são perfeitos =)

  3. Vais sempre a tempo :P Depois vai-nos pondo a par de como está a correr :P
    É super fácil e bem funcional :D

    OMG, que saudades!!! Lisboa tem mil e um encantos :D
    Que bela seleção de lugares :D

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  4. As fotografias são lindíssimas e os pontos que nos apresentaste são sem dúvida o ex-libris da nossa Lisboa :) numa próxima visita, se quiseres, posso partilhar contigo alguns miradouros bem bonitos, com vistas igualmente incríveis!

  5. Lisboa está cheia de sítios lindos. Para fotografar e visitar! ;)


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